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Residential Interior and Exterior Painting-Serving: Shoreview, North Oaks, Stillwater, Woodbury, Moundsview, Dellwood, Circle Pines, Mahtomedi, Blaine, Lake Elmo, Hugo, White Bear Lake, Lino Lakes, St. Paul, Forest Lake, Arden Hills, Roseville, Minneapolis, Centerville, New Brighton, Maplewood, Grant, Hudson, Hastings, Woodbury,Cottage Grove, White Bear Township, Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Willernie, Gem Lake, Falcon Heights, St. Anthony, Fridley, Lexington, Spring Lake Park, Afton 
Commercial Interior and Exterior Painting  -Serving: Twin Cities Metro Area and Western Wisconsin

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  • Welcome to CertaPro Painters of St. Paul


    Woodbury House Painting Satisfaction

    Residential painting or commercial painting, we're dedicated to the process of certainty - of a job well done. Whatever your needs, big or small, CertaPro Painters of St. Paul will provide a professional quality house painting experience you'll be thrilled with.With every house painting projectCertaPro Painters of St. Paul is committed to providing the highest quality work and professional house service in the area.

    Call 1-612-803-2248 and schedule a FREE painting estimate!


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    Special Services that CertaPro Painters of St. Paul Offer:                            



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      That's our promise, that's Certainty.  When you contact us we promise the following:


      • You will be certain of your project start date and all appointment times
      • You will be certain of the progress of the job through daily updates 
      • You will be certain of the color that you have chosen before it is applied 
      • You will be certain of the preparation that is done before we begin painting 
      • You will be certain of the quality people who will show respect for your home 
      • You will be certain that we will take care of the details
      • You will be certain of a great paint job by our painters 


    Delighted to serve. Certain to satisfy.


    Helpful Hints of the Week

    Winter is STILL here... but spring is around the corner! Here are some helpful hints to help you prepare your home for the warmer months.



    1. Inspect the AC: For about $75 to $200, a technician will tune up your cooling system and make sure you don’t spend the first hot weekend of the year with an out-of-commission air conditioner. Dirty filters make your air conditioner work harder, increasing energy costs and possibly damaging your equipment. Check them monthly and replace them as needed!
    2. Clean Out The Gutters: Gutter cleaning generally costs $90 to $225 for a 2,000 square-foot home.
    3. Repair Your Roof: An easy way to inspect the roof to find damage is to use a pair of binoculars. If need be, hire a handyman or a roofer to repair any missing shingles or other damages. Make sure to clean out roof drains to avoid damaging the roof and causing leaks.
    4. Pressure Wash Your Home: Clean your home’s exterior to remove accumulated dirt, mold and stains from the siding, deck, sidewalks, driveway, garage floor, fences, and lawn furniture. You can rent a pressure washer or hire someone to help.
    5. Wash The Windows
    6. Prepare To Mow: A dull lawn mower blade doesn’t slice, but instead tears grass leaving it vulnerable to disease, sun damage, and insects. A blade typically needs sharpening once or twice a year, or more often depending on how big your yard is.
    7. Lose The Lint: Make sure to clean your clothes dryer’s lint trap before every use. A clogged vent can reduce your dryer’s efficiency and create a fire hazard.
    8. Put The Temperature on Autopilot: For an initial investment of $50 to $150 dollars for a programmable thermostat, you can save about $180 annually on cooling and heating bills. Set the hold feature for a constant, efficient temperature when you’re away for the weekend or on vacation.
    9. Caulk The Cracks: If the gap around a door or a window is wider than a nickel, you need to reapply exterior caulk. Add weatherstripping around doors, making sure that you cant see any daylight from the inside of your home.
    10. Repair Sidewalks and Driveways: Fix any breakdown in concrete or asphalt before it worsens. You can patch or fill surface cracks, chips or flaking concrete yourself using cement repair products. For deeper cracks, call a professional. To increase the longevity of your driveway, have asphalt resealed every two to five years, depending on climate and wear patterns. Have concrete resealed every one to three years.



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